Thursday, June 9, 2011

Using Community College Online Courses for Dual Credit in Home School

My oldest home schooled high school junior is finishing up her third online community college class this semester for dual credit.  Last year she took College Algebra at a local community college.  This semester is Trigonometry and Psychology.  She has done well and has enjoyed the fact that she is getting credit for high school as well as college.  We found a local community college that allows self-pay (non-scholarship) students to take up to a year to finish class coursework online.  I think that this has been a good choice for her.  I've enjoyed getting a little more free time, and letting someone else create the deadlines and course load.

A word of caution, be aware that some colleges have a limit on the number of hours that you can take and transfer before you are no longer considered a freshman but a transfer student.  Transfer students typically have less scholarships they can compete for as compared to incoming freshman.  Also make sure that the community college classes will transfer to the college the student will eventually attend.

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