Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to School

It seems that we have just finished our school year, and here we are starting again.  My oldest daughter Kayla, will be a junior in high school, and my youngest, Christine, will be a freshman. 

Kayla has decided on a college and a major.  She wants to pursue a career in medicine.  This has come about because of her experience in the medical clinic at the orphanage in Zimbabwe.  She had a chance to get some real hands-on experience with cleaning wounds and making herbal remedies. 

She will travel back to Zimbabwe the end of the month for more work at the clinic.  We are looking into the shadowing program at our local hospital where she can follow several medical personnel in their jobs to see what they do on a daily basis.  We are also looking into getting her into a Certified Nurses Assistant course so that she can start working in the medical field and getting experience.  She is already reading nursing textbooks on her own, and searching the Internet for medical information. 

When you get a child excited about learning, you've captured their minds and hearts for knowledge.  Encouraging your children pursue their passions is the first step in accomplishing this.

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