Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finishing Up School

We've been spending our days finishing up our textbooks for home schooling. I'm one of those moms who has to have their kids finish the books, or I don't feel that we've finished school. So these last weeks we've been trudging through our textbooks and turning the pages to see how far we are from the end of the book.

I'm also looking back on the year and evaluating things that I should do differently for the next year as I will have two high school students. I'm looking forward to the home school convention this weekend, in hopes of finding some good curriculum for applying the things that we've been learning so far. I'll be looking into more project based material, especially for math. I want my girls to be able to put to use the algebra and geometry that they have learned. Much of the textbook material is learning to solve problems based on the examples given, but I want them to think about how to solve a problem that has no example to spark their thinking.

I'm also going to have my girls write more. Being able to communicate well through both writing and speaking will be goals that I'll be setting for them for the next year.

Care to share your home school goals for the next year?

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