Friday, March 5, 2010

Zimbabwe and Science Take-Outs

Our family is planning a trip to Zimbabwe, Africa to do some mission work at an orphanage.  Zimbabwe had a Cholera epidemic about this time last year (2009).  To learn more about this epidemic, we purchased a kit from Science Take-Outs, "A Medical Mystery of Epidemic Proportions", where my girls learned how to test for the cholera bacteria in a sample of well water and a patient sample.  Of course no real bacteria existed in the samples, but through the simulation, the girls were able to do the tests, compare results and make conclusions on an epidemic scenario from the kit.  For only $9.00, the kit provided some great hands-on science.  They have a great selection of other kits such as "Flower Forensics", "Pollution Investigation", and "Diagnosing Diabetes".

We love learning by doing.  As for our trip to Zimbabwe, we are calling the class "Applied Geography".  Learning about a culture, working with the people, and experiencing their daily lives is the best way to learn about our world. 

This is a non-paid review.  I'm providing this review for the benefit of my readers.


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  2. Just stopping by and wishing you a great weekend! Your posts are so interesting! Your kids are so lucky!


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