Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Power House Solar Oven

Finally a sunny day in Kansas for toasting bread in our Power House solar oven.  We didn't think this day would ever come.  This is a continuation from the Power House post I recently wrote.  This kit is packed with many projects, experiments and information on sustainable energy.  So much science is packed into this one kit. 

My girls first put together the oven from the materials provided in the kit.  They ran some experiements on heating water with the rays of the sun.  Next they ran experiments on heating water to a higher temperature using a magnifying glass where the glass concentrates the sun's rays at one point, the focal point.  They learned that you can actually burn things with a magnifying glass.  What fun!

They ran some experiments on temperature in their solar oven to find the focal point in the oven.  They learned the science behind how the oven works by concentrating the sun's rays at one point much like a magnifying glass.  The kit provides some activities in using the oven to toast bread, cook soft-boiled eggs, cook an apple, make rice and homemade bread.  Looks like the girls will be able to make their own breakfast in the long as the sun is shining!

This is a product review for the benefit of my readers.
I get no compensation other than from if a person orders from the link provided.

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