Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Writing at Home with Write at Home

We have used the online writing course, Write at Home, for the last three years.  I have to say that it has been worth every penny.  I enroll my girls for the fall semester each year.  The course is done all online.  My girls get their reading assignment and a written assignment each week.  On the last day of the week, they upload their papers to be graded by their writing coach who grades, helps correct, and encourages their writing.  They both learn so much and all the assignments are fun to do.

My youngest daughter, Christine, who loves to write, recently entered her first writing competition.  Every year, the Home School Legal Defense Association has an essay contest for ages 7-19 years.  They also sponsor an art, photography and poetry contest for homeschoolers.

My daughter's essay, Investing in Victims of Leprosy, won second place in the 11-14 age category.  I think much of the success in her writing is due to her time spent in the Write at Home program.  She has always loved to write stories, and I have tried to find ways to inspire her to keep at it.  She has recently entered another contest through Patrick Henry College with a fictional short story (her favorite papers to write).

If you know of other contests, or others ways to inspire young writers, please leave your comments!  I would love to share your ideas with my readers.

This has been an unpaid endorsement of Write at Home online writing program.


  1. I'm an English teacher by trade, and often kids just need to know that their ideas are worth writing down. This always seems to be a good motivator!

  2. I agree, Marnie that encouragement is a great motivator. Thanks for sharing


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