Thursday, November 19, 2009

Power House

This year seems busier than the last. And if you are a home school family, you know first hand how this happens. So many great opportunities to learn, you just have to try them all. One such opportunity this year for us has been putting together a science kit called Power House. With Power House, you put together a Styrofoam house that comes with solar panels, wind mill, green house, and desalination system. My girls will be learning about regenerative energy sources, something that they should know about for the future health of our planet.

Right now we are studying passive solar heating, by taking the inside temperature of the house in different lighting and insulating situations. It has been a great hands-on learning experience that will take us a year or more to complete. I'll be updating periodically as to how we are progressing. If you would like to do this together with us, I've put a link below where you can purchase your own Power House.

More power to you!


  1. Wonder how is it like "home school", I am from Malaysia and we rarely have children attending home school, but heard that some Malaysian are doing it.

  2. Thanks for visiting from Malaysia. I've always wondered if home school was popular in other countries, or if it is just something in the U.S. Thanks for sharing the information.

  3. Wow, this is really impressive! Seems like homeschooling offers some real flexibility for your kids/students... keep these posts and photos coming. They're really interesting!

  4. Thanks WarsawMommy,

    We've recetly put together the solar oven and are waiting for the sun to shine so we can use it. This will be our next soon as the sun shines!

  5. I will look forward to that, for sure... here's to a sunny day soon!


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