Sunday, September 13, 2009

Equine Curriculum for Home School

Christine taking the pulse of her pony, Reba

Being able to study what you want, when you want to, is the beauty of home school. My oldest daughter studied Swahili after a trip to Tanzania last year (not something that is usually an option in public school). This year my youngest daughter wanted to learn more about horses...she is thinking of a career as an equine nurse. I found the Young Equestrian Series curriculum for kids ages 13-15 years (can use with younger students with adult help) at New Horizons Equine. They teach young equestrians:

Equine Ancestry
The Power of Instinct
Horse Buying Tips
Caring for your Horse
Tack Selection
Equine Behavior
Costs of Ownership

She has a year to finish the curriculum for a certificate. She will take tests and mail them back to New Horizons to be graded, and when she is finished there are some adult (16 years old +) courses she can take to further her knowledge of horses. If you have a young equestrian, you may want to look into this further.


  1. I fully agree: "Being able to study what you want, when you want to, is the beauty of home school."

    Information cannot be force fed to students. If there's no interest there's no engagement; if there's no engagement there's no retention.

    I have posted a link to this blog on my own blog:

    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. My daughter is also very interested in a career with horses. Would you please tell me where I could find out about equine nursing? Is there a specific university with a degree in equine nursing? Thanks, Wendy, A Fellow Homeschool Mom (in Washington state)

    1. Hi Wendy. I don't know much about equine nursing specifically. I think that you get a Veterinary Technician degree and then specialize in equine nursing. Here is a link where you may find more information for the state of Washington.

      And here is a link for other schools with Vet. tech degrees.

      Hope that helps!

  4. I'm a homeschooler and a horse lover I recently got into horse back riding and I also help out with kids that are disabled or have special needs! It's amazing what you can do!!! I'm only fourteen but if you have a child or if your 14 or older you can look into helping out with special needs

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. We do have a special needs horse ranch locally that takes volunteers to help kids with disabilities and special needs. We've been looking into volunteering there. It seems like such a wonderful opportunity to help someone in need and bring a little joy to their lives. I'm sure that you feel blessed as well in your work with these kids. Teens like yourself can have such a positive impact on the lives of other kids and you can be such a great influence in their lives. Be blessed!


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