Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Living Without

In June a storm took out my computer, phone, wireless internet, TV, and garage door opener. I had been disconnected from the world for about a month...did I miss my computer, phone, wireless internet, TV, and garage door opener? A little, but the time that I gained from being without those things were a real blessing in disguise.

I actually got some things done around the house, sorted mounds 0f clothes for the Zimbabwe, Africa shipment, ordered my curriculum for homeschool this fall (actually we will start in the early part of August), weeded the garden, and spent quality time with the family.

My doing without has changed the way I'm using my time now. I've cut back on some online activities; trying to simplify things that devour great amounts of time. I feel freer for cutting back and will be cutting back on more things in the future. I feel that I had lost myself in all the busy-ness of life and was going through the motions out of habit. I hate doing things out of habit without giving thought to why I'm doing something.

Well, enough said...I will not be blogging for the next three weeks. My oldest daughter and I will be on a mission trip to Ecuador doing Vacation Bible School with children and some street evangelism. The street evangelism will be pushing me out of my comfort zone, but knowing that I may be giving hope to someone without hope, compells me to sacrifice my comfy-ness. So for three more weeks...I'll be living without.

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  1. Have a great trip.

    Maybe I need a little power outage to break some of my habits. I enjoyed reading this post.


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