Friday, July 31, 2009

Back from Ecuador

My oldest daughter, Kayla, and I had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador with Christ in Youth and our church youth group this past two weeks. It was such a great learning experience for both of us. Our team was there to do construction work on some churches, help with Vacation Bible Schools for the the children, and to do street evangelism and home visitation. The above picture shows us in clown make-up. Part of the Vacation Bible School and street evangelism consisted of clowns and puppet presentations for the young children. We worked in the towns of Guayaquil, Baba, and El Recreo.

We learned a little Spanish while we were there, but most of our communication was through body language. The people of Ecuador are very loving and welcomed us with open arms. Many responded to the message of Christ and His gift of eternal life. Many who had little hope have found hope and love through Christ.


  1. You two are my favorite clowns. :) Sounds like an awesome trip and what an opportunity to make memories together!

  2. it sounds like you guys were blessed as well as being a blessing... don't you love it when that happens!?

    I know what you mean about the computer... I've returned to work part-time and with 3 teens homeschooling, our church activities, etc... I had to cut back on the computer stuff while I organized my life!! I'm not there but at least I feel I can return somewhat.

  3. Beatiful picture mama and Kayla in Ecuador!

    You must have enjoyed a lot having your hands helping others, I believe helping others is one of the best thing a loving heart loves to do. And I think it is one of the ways to plant love into other people.

    Look, there are more seeds of love that you are going to plant in Zimbabwe. Safi sana.

    Missing you all sana,



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