Friday, April 24, 2009

Is Home School Better Than Public School?

I've been challenged to write a post expressing my opinion on the subject of home schooling vs. public schooling. My girls started out in the public school system, and we started home schooling when they were in 3rd and 5th grade. Both my husband and I are products of the public school system.

For our family, home schooling has been the best thing we could have done. My oldest daughter in 4th grade, unfortunately had a first year teacher who could not control the classroom. My daughter came home numerous times frustrated that she spent the entire day at school and didn't learn anything. At her age, she recognized that the hours spent at school were not worth what she was learning.

We have been home schooling now for five years, and the following are the advantages to home schooling that we have discovered:

  • My daughters now get one-on-one attention whenever they need it.
  • We can go as fast or as slow as we need through any subject or topic.
  • We can incorporate travel into our schooling at any time of the year.
  • We don't need a doctor's permission to miss a day or more of school.
  • Our schedule does not revolve around the public school system schedule.
  • My girls have learned to learn and not just to retain facts for a test.
  • We spend more time together as a family, and we can easily teach our girls our values.
  • My girls do not have all of the peer pressure and are not dependent on their peers.
  • We can study whatever interests us at the time.
  • They do not have to sit still and be quiet as they learn for 6 hours a day.
  • I don't have to worry about their safety at school.
  • No more, "So what did you learn today at school?" questions. I know the answer and can reinforce what they have learned throughout the day, week or year.
  • My girls have more time to be social with friends.
  • All of our school work is home work. No additional work is necessary.
  • We learn real life skills through everyday living.
  • There is no rule against taking a lamb to school.
So, there you have it. In my opinion, home school wins hands down. What is your opinion?


  1. We home school as well. Both my wife and I went to public school as well. I certainly can see the difference in our son as a result of home school.

    I believe that it is the responsibility of the parents to educate their children not the state. Whether they are home schooled or not.

    Check out my post on my Christian blog about You know you're home schooled when ...BTW I am also taking part in the 31 Day challenge The Brave Programmer

  2. Totally agree. I am also a product of the public school system and once upon a time taught fifth-7th grade. I will say there are some amazing teachers out there working hard and doing what they can for kids. However, you just can't beat sharing in the day to day activities of life with your children. I get to see my daughter laugh with her friends, my son's eyes when he shares new knowledge with me. I get to enjoy their writing and hear their stories as they are happening, not at the end of the day when everyone is tired. My kids have never been to school but I can image how it would be and that is why they are home with me!

  3. Gayle, I certainly can not find fault with home schooling and particularly your reasons listed. My only problem is some people are not cut out to be the teacher at home. Both because of education and temperament. I have the education, have taught (high school Math) and still do (jewelry) but with my own kids all day long, no way. My daughter is exactly the same. She is an early childhood teacher and is very good with her kids. She feels as I do that 24/7 would not work for her or her kids.
    Isn't that what makes the world go round?

  4. I agree that home schooling may not be for everyone. I have to say that the first year, I almost gave up and sent them back to public school. It was a rough year adjusting to each other all day. But what has resulted is a bond that I can't describe that has grown in the last four years between my daughters and I. I've learned things about them and them about me that I don't believe could have happened in just the evenings and weekends. I'm so glad that I didn't give up that first year.

  5. Awesome post Gayle! As you know, we homeschool as well, and it has been tough this first year. We will, God willing, be making some adjustments in our home for next year, but I believe that God has called me to homeschool our children. At first, I DIDN'T have the temperment to homeschool, but God has even provided that!!!!! How awesome is He!!!

  6. Good informative post. My kids are not home schooled and they are thriving and both love school. My son is a high school senior and my daughter a seventh grader. I have been pleased with my children's education. However, I have friends who home school and that is a better fit for their children. At any rate, praise for you who make the commitment to home school your kids. It is a big job!

  7. My kids are still very small so schooling isn't a question right now, but I do wonder if you worry your kids might have trouble in social situations in adult life? My husband had a co-worker who wouldn't attend any happy hours or the like stating that she was homeschooled and doesn't do well in social situations. I've had no interaction with homeschooled kids so I really don't know much about it, but this statement always struck me and made me think I would never homeschool my kids.

  8. Happy hour? Sounds like that person made a good choice not going. That's the kind of social situation I would hope my kids want to avoid in their adult life.

  9. Hi We love your blog!
    Angela & Angelica

  10. Thanks for this post!

    We're just in the early, early stages of homeschool preschool - I always said that I didn't have the temperment to stay home with my kids and that I would never homeschool. Haha! God is good in how He changes us gently - I know that in some ways this will be exceedingly difficult, but I feel strongly that our first job is to disciple our children and teach them to follow Jesus Christ - and I don't think discipleship can happen in 3 hr/day increments. It's all day, every day.

  11. Great post! I agree with all your reasons. They're all part of why I homeschool my (supersocial)kiddos too. And I sure hope mine don't go in for events like happy hour either!

  12. Well thought-out piece here. My only concern is for those children that have social difficulties to begin with. I have had clients say it is better to keep the kids in home school and maybe they will just grow out of it. This tends not to happen unless the parents are most vigilant in getting the these particular children involved in outside acitivites (sports, clubs, scouts, etc.) to help with the social aspect. Thanks for your efforts here. Stuart A. Kaplowitz, MFT

  13. Thanks so much Stuart for your comment. I agree that we need to be diligent in getting kids involved in social activities, especially those who may be socially challenged. I do find that just putting children in with other children 6 hours/day and hoping they figure out what to do is not always the way to go. Responsible adults need to be the model and motivator for good social behavior. With one teacher per 25-30 children, this is sometimes impossible to do.

    I think socialization is a very complex issue and that many factors influence behavior. I've seen public school kids that are less socially educated than homeschoolers.

    We also need to compare and define natural temperments and social ability. Are we talking about knowing how to be polite and hold a conversation or about being introverted/extroverted. We all have personality differences and are not all created the same. As parents, we need to work within the child's temperment and not pressure an introverted child to be extroverted or vice versa, but instead give him/her tools to be socially capable.


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