Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mexico Mission Trip

The beauty of homeschooling for our family has been the ability to learn by doing. As part of our homechooling experience, we like to physically help fight poverty and meet the physical needs of people around the world. It has given our girls a view of the world outside the borders of the United States.

My daughter, Kayla, in the green shirt.

My husband and oldest daughter just got back from a mission trip to a small town near Guadalajara, Mexico. Their work on the construction of an orphanage. They spent the week painting the orphanage kitchen, seeing the sights, attending the local church gatherings, and establishing wonderful friendships.

My husband, Floyd, painting

Tod and Kristi Ramey started the orphanage, Face of My Father Children's Home, about nine months ago. You can find more information about their ministry through Good Measure International.

Here is a photo of my daughter, my husband, and the three Ramey girls wearing their Busy Shirts. Busy shirts are t-shirts you can purchase, and 100% of the profit goes to organizations like Face of My Father Children's Home. Organizations committed to fighty poverty. If you would like to participate, you can get your t-shirt here.

While my husband and oldest daughter were away, my youngest daughter and I just hung around the house awaiting their return. :0)


  1. Mission trips can be life changing. I think I sent you the results of my friend Alynne MacLeans's experience. Scienc with a Mission. God does work in people's lives!

  2. Nice pictures!! How fun to see Floyd and Kayla with the Rameys. And way to go Busy Shirts!!

  3. I think it's not too late to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!! May the God who holds you on his palm continue to grant you more of His love and blessings, In Jesus name I pray.

    Picha nzuri sana.

  4. Asante sana Vale! May God bless you also.
    Blessings, Gayle


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