Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Life and Laundry

I'm writing another post about laundry. Seems like that is all I do anymore. . . laundry. Today I happened to wash a Dove chocolate bar with the colors. It came out whole and still wrapped. WOW! Usually whatever I wash in the laundry comes out in little unidentifiable pieces. It must be the high fat content that kept this candy in one piece. So, fat is not all bad, it saved a load of laundry and time cleaning out the washer.

So, who was the culprit who left the chocolate in their pant's pocket? There were only two pairs of pants, mine and my younger daughter's in that particular load. I knew it wasn't mine - I wouldn't put chocolate in my pocket, because all chocolate goes directly from my hand to mouth. Asking my daughter about the Dove bar, she said that she was saving it for her older sister. With such a rare and moving gesture, I just couldn't bring myself to get on her for leaving chocolate in her pocket. On some days, laundry can bring a smile to my face.

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