Thursday, October 23, 2008

Keeping it All in Proper Perspective

Yes, we have a financial crisis here in America. Yes, it looks like a huge problem much like this huge egg my daughter found in the hen box the other day. Boy, that had to have hurt. Anyway, before we panic, maybe we need to rethink the financial problem and put it in perspective.

Our family traveled to Tanzania, Africa this last May. The people there are very poor. Many children have lost their parents to AIDS or Malaria, they have little health care, no hospital within traveling distance (most travel by foot).

Malnutrition is a constant health problem. If they are fortunate enough to live close to a hospital, there are few doctors to care for them. Some can't afford to pay the $50 school fee to send their children to school. But the people had a joy about them, and they knew how to have joy despite their circumstances.

I think we've had it too good here in the U.S. and have taken for granted our blessings of good health care, good transportation systems, no malaria, no leprosy. I could go on and on. We can stand to live more simply and still have all we need. We strive and we strive and we strive to have more stuff and we lose our sense of what is important along the way. We whine when we have to pay $4 per gallon for gas. We have health problems due to obesity issues as we gorge ourselves with the abundance and availability of food here.

So, when you put it all in perspective, the problem just doesn't seem so big anymore. This crisis just may be a blessing in disguise as we are forced to reevaluate how we spend our money and what is important to us. That is my prayer.

Note: My daughter's new bantam hens have just started laying eggs. This was the first very small egg from a very small chicken. Egg used with permission. Omelet anyone?

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