Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"It's Like Herding Chickens"

We have a saying at our house. "It's like herding chickens." If you own chickens, then you know the meaning behind the saying. Or, if you own daughters you may be able to guess the meaning of the saying. It is something we say when we are trying to do something difficult, like get our daughters out the door for church. I grew up a city girl, but marrying a country boy has changed my vocabulary extensively.

My oldest daughter is caretaker of our chickens. She has a wonderful relationship with them, knows how to wrestle them and hold them so they won't scratch, peck, or flap you to death with their wings.

I've learned a few things besides my new vocabulary from our chickens, such as never turn your back on a rooster. I've had one chase me clear up to the house before. He didn't last long. Didn't have the guts to cook him up, or to clean him up so we gave him to another family.

Can a person trust a face like this?

The girls gather the eggs everyday and sell them to our friends and family. We get brown, green as well as white eggs. City folk always marvel at the green ones.
My daughter got four new bantam hens for her birthday. Only country folk give their kids chickens on their birthday. She picked them out herself to use in her upcoming 4H project. Bantams are smaller hens and lay much smaller eggs than our other hens, but bantams are more content to sit on eggs to hatch them. We've raised a few "chicken nuggets" by taking the eggs of our larger hens and sliding them under a bantam hen. It is quite a sight to see these chicks hatch and follow their mini-momma around the hen house.

The above chicken is the newest of our chicken family. My daughter would like help naming this new chicken. She has had many chickens over her short lifetime and has named each and every chicken. She is running out of appropriate chicken names and she thinks it heartless to keep calling it "hey you". If you would like to help her name this chicken, please leave your comment. We'll share the results later.

Well, must gather my brood for lunch. Chicken noodle soup sounds good right now for some reason. Hmmm.

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