Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Collect Socks

I collect socks. Not just any socks: socks that are widowed, socks that come out of my dryer without their mates, single socks that are lonely. Sometimes I will find a mate hiding in the elastic corner of a bottom bed sheet, or clinging to the back of a fuzzy sweater. But these guys and gals have been on top of my dryer for a very long time.

I think my dryer has a huge hole somewhere that these missing socks are falling into. So, I clean out the vent hose thinking I will find a wad of socks somewhere in the middle of the hose. Nope, not there. These sock mates must vanish in thin air, because nobody in my house has any idea where they are.

So, in the meantime, I'll hold on to my collection, hoping that I will stumble across the lost ones underneath a bed or stuffed in a backpack. Maybe I'll be writing a post in the near future entitled, "101 Uses for Mateless Socks".


  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting at my blog! I'm happy to give you some chocolate cake, but I can't make it to KS (or Hawaii!), so you'll have to make the trip here. :) I have a basket that must be close to two square feet (ha ha) capacity - full of mismatched socks. I toss singletons into it, and rematch them occasionally. I have three little girls, and it seems like socks are 'disposable' around here. I'm always replacing them!

  2. I believe a black hole is somewhere in my house and that's where all the socks go. Hey, did you know wearing mis-matched socks is in style? It's true. Those widowed socks can have a purpose now.


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