Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Learning to Live, Learning to Love

Homeschool and life are full of lessons. There are days that we have to learn about life the hard way. God teaches me more through sad times and trials than easy, carefree times. Many times he has used nature to teach me about Him or other people. A few times He has used our pets.

As hard as we tried, we could not save our kitties. Both of them died within two days of each other. One never really ate well. The other stopped eating after the first day. The kitties would cry out at times, not wanting food or water, but instead wanting to be held. So, that's what we did, even at 3 am. I tend to get attached to something that consistently wakes me in the early morning hours.

I thought about us humans and how this applies to us. Maybe sometimes, we don't need others giving us advice, or things, or being busy doing for us, as much as we just need to be held, heard, comforted, and loved.

Living is more than doing, sometimes it is just loving.

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