Saturday, September 13, 2008

If I Were Deserted . . .

Kim at "The Internet Cafe" asked the following question:

"If you were deserted on an island for 1 year with absolutely no connection to the outside world (not even one person), what 3 things would you bring with you?"

Well, since I can't bring people, it would have to be:

1. Bug spray (because I hate bugs, but they love me).
2. My Bible
3. And last, but not least, chocolate.

Click the above picture to see how others have responded.


  1. Chocolate, as in ONE biiiiig box of chocolate? :)

  2. could I have forgotten chocolate?!? Great answers, by the way!

  3. Do they make 1,000 lb. boxes of chocolate? I might be able to survive on that amount for a year.

  4. Hmmmmm, I think I should have thought of bug spray. Great idea!

  5. this is fun...ok, bug spray is a must (and a lot of it to last a year), and then I'd bring some matches and a knife. I guess I'm concerned about survival. Bible? I guess I'd have to rely on my Scripture memory. :) Better go brush up on that.


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