Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feel Like You're Going Nowhere?

Boy, lately I'm wondering why people call me a stay-at-home mom. Or better yet, why I say that I homeschool. With those descriptions, you would think that we never get out of the house. But with volleyball practice and games, sewing class, Bible studies, 4-H, flute and violin lessons, orchestra practice, throw in trips to the library, orthodontic appts, Dr. appts, grocery shopping, errand running . . . I am rarely at home. I'm waiting for the girls to quit calling me "Mom", and start calling me "taxi, taxi"! And with all this going here and there, I feel like I'm getting nowhere.

I think I hear the girls calling, it must be time to go.

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  1. This is a great little post. I know how you feel. If people could actually see what homeschooling is, they'd be surprised.


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