Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Day of Learning History and Biology

Sometimes, I wonder if we are doing real "school". We have used no books, we have had much fun, and we have asked a lot of questions we haven't yet been able to answer.

Yesterday, we went to Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. We saw a film strip of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and then went to the watery grave of these brave Navy men. It had a real impact on the girls. Many questions were asked like: "Why did the Japanese bomb us?", and "What do the Japanese think about what happened?"

We took a hike to the Waimea Falls, where Kayla took pictures of all the different variety of flowers. We asked questions such as "Why do flowers smell sweet?", and "If they smell sweet to attract bees, do bees have noses and a sense of smell?"

We also went to Hanauma Bay, which is a volcanic crater with a broken sea wall. It is a very calm bay you can snorkel and see many varieties of fish. Christine actually saw a green sea turtle, which is an endangered species. We saw a mongoose on the walk back to the car, which brought up another question "What other mammals are on the island?"

Hanamau Bay

Sometime this week we'll research the answer to some of these questions. It's the most questions they have asked in a while. I know that when they ask questions, they are thinking and genuinely interested in knowing. Maybe we just need to take more vacations.

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  1. This is the kind of school that really sticks with the kids. Pearl Harbor will always be meaningful to them now. And when they read about the animals and Polynesia, they'll have experience to connect with. I wish all schools were like this. :)


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