Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Emergency Homeschool Project

Yes, life on the farm is never boring. Saturday evening, one of our miniature horses started showing signs of colic and her little nose was running profusely. So at 8 pm after a full day of playing volleyball, we took Miss Flossy to the veterinarian ER.

In the ER the girls learned that with colic, the veterinarian puts a tube down the horse's nose into its stomach to bring up the food that is in the stomach. Well, they found that with Flossy, she had a clump of food caught in her esophagus. The vet pumped water through the tube repeatedly to flush out the food. Yes, the girls got to watch the whole procedure and loved retelling it time and again. After the vet flushed out the food, she took an ultrasound of Flossy's lungs to make sure she didn't aspirate any of the food or water. The vet also did an ultrasound of her heart (for free) just to show the girls how the heart pumped blood throughout the body. We may have some future veterinarians here.
Cause: eating too quickly
Prognosis: She will be fine.
Lessons learned: Besides not "horsing" around at the table, eat slowly and chew your food well before you swallow. Sounds like something a mom would say.


  1. I am definitely not an animal person because this story made me gag! ha! But I love how educational that experience was. Sounds like you have a great vet and lucky girls. :)

  2. oh, and I love your new header photo!! did you take that?


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