Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Emergency Homeschool Project

Yesterday, we had an emergency homeschool project. These emergencies happen quite often when you have as many critters as we do. Usually the emergency is to get the horses or sheep rounded up after they have escaped and before they eat the neighbors' flowers. Or it is giving the dog a bath because he has chased another skunk.

This time our momma cat had abandoned her two kittens. The girls found them very weak yesterday morning. It seems that momma cat had quit nursing them. So we took an emergency run to the local farm supply store and purchased some bottles and kitten formula.

Then the real lessons began. Weigh kitties (we had to use our postal scale). Kitties cry, you feed them. You get up at 2 am to feed kitties. You wipe kitties bottoms with a wet paper towel to stimulate them to go potty. You clean up after kitties. Hmmm. . .

Sounds like a small lesson in motherhood.

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