Sunday, August 24, 2008

Be a Good Sport

Volleyball has invaded our lives. We are into the beginnings of our girl's first volleyball season. Our area home school support group has an organized volleyball team for girls 7th-12th grade. Both of our girls signed up this year to play. Having one on the junior high team and one on the junior varsity team has this mom running ragged getting to and from practice twice a week and games in between. We've been watching the Olympic volleyball games on TV, and we've been practicing our bumps, sets, and spikes against the side of the house.

The girls had their first preseason tournament this weekend in Kansas City. Eight courts of screaming girls and whistle blowing makes for a very active and loud weekend. Both girls played seven games on Friday and another four games on Saturday. My ears were ringing after I stepped out of the gym, and I think I've lost some of my hearing. What? Did you say something?

Dad was recruited as a line judge. He's got the hand signals down pat. Mom was recruited to keep score. Mom tended to get too involved in the game and sometimes forgot to mark the score. She'll work on that.

The girls did very well for their first real games, and they learned a lot from the experience. They lost more games than they won. But they were very good sports about it all. They kept the games in the proper perspective, having fun and making better friends with their team mates.

Mom will try and be a good sport of it all by continuing to take them to practice and games, buying some earplugs for the next tournament and working on her score keeping skills.


  1. Nice pictures! You should be a sports photographer. :)

    Congrats to the girls and mom and dad. What fun!

  2. Oh yeah, we are a volleyball family too..only one daughter here though. We don't start our games until November, so I have a little more time to relax than you do...LOL.



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