Saturday, July 12, 2008

Too Busy Living to Start School

We had set a date to officially start school - August 1. But, after watching the girls this last week, I think we are too busy living to start school next month.

Christine has been busy doing 4H projects. Kayla can't let go of her camera. They both have been "in the zone". "In the zone" means the girls are so in tune with what they are doing that hours, days, weeks pass without them noticing. It is a state of mind to accomplish something fueled by self-motivation. While "in the zone", they are learning so much.

What is a mom to do? I would hate to interrupt their learning, so that we could start school. : ) Kayla has been reading up on how to best photograph her jewelry, and how to edit the photos. She's learning about diffused and reflected lighting. She's done some research on how to use Photoshop software. She's learning how to market her jewelry.

Christine has been practicing her horse skills for horse showmanship next weekend. She also built a house (two stories) for the cats. She figured out how to build it, and with help from Dad got it done. WOW! And today she starts volleyball camp.

They have been so self motivated. It's probably the most learning they've done all year. Now. . . if I could just figure out how to get them motivated to eat their veggies.

Our kitty, Arizona, enjoying his new house.

Also, we have a friend, Vale, from Tanzania living with us until September. We've all been learning Swahili, and more about her customs and traditions. It has been great to have her in the house living with us 24/7. She has been a good influence on the girls. Asante sana, Vale!

So . . . maybe I need to rethink my ideas about school, extend our learning time, and start school later on in the year. I'm sure the girls would agree to that!


  1. It's fun to see the kids get ahold of what they love and run with it! Nice kitty house. Can I have that one? Just kidding.

  2. I love your quote about not wanting to interrupt their learning in order to start school. That is priceless:)

    I found you through a link at Jena's Yarns of the Heart blog.

  3. That is AWESOME! My kids get "in the zone" often, in fact we just spent 2 weeks with them writing books and doing science experiments, constantly.

  4. Don't you just love how kids motivate themselves and take on so much when we just let them be? Wonderful post. Cathy

  5. it was fun to make that cat house, it is kinda like three stories. the cats like to sleep on the top.


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