Saturday, June 28, 2008

Simply Stuff

This morning we helped clear trees from property in the path of a tornado that hit here in Kansas a few weeks ago. You think of trees being strong. Seeing these huge trees in pieces makes a person realize the power of nature, as well as our own weaknesses. We worked most of the morning with some of our church members, but it seemed like we didn't get much accomplished. There is still so much to do. The reality of it hits you when you find a piece of some one's personal property all broken and mangled. I'm kind of sentimental about my stuff. I would hate to lose it and have it scattered through my neighborhood. I like my stuff.

For the past few years though, I've had the motivation to simplify my life. Getting rid of stuff (our attic is full), not buying what I don't really need, and doing things more simply. But life gets busy, and I lose focus. Seeing the tornado's power to fling stuff far and wide reminds me of my goal . . . simplify my stuff because after all . . . it's simply stuff.

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